Dude With Sign Presents:  The Cardboard Game

Dude With Sign Presents: The Cardboard Game

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Introducing Dude With Sign's The Cardboard Game. Packed with ridiculous dares, this adult party game guarantees a night of hilarity that you and your friends won't soon forget (or live down)! With 300 Dare cards and 50 Wild cards, no two games are the ever the same. So call up the crew, order a pizza, and get ready to get ridiculous – game night has never been better! Brought to you by What Do You Meme?®

Truth or dare, minus the truth. Use the prompts to help you  make up embarrassing dares for your friends.

Includes: 300 Dare Cards,100 Wild Cards, Token, 3 Markers, Cardboard + Instructions

Ages 17+