Swear Jar

Swear Jar

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Remember the days when your parent's or job made you put money in a swear jar everytime you ended up using curse words?

Now play the game inspired from all the times you lost your money to the jar. Match colors or values in the fast paced game while trying to get your Swear Jar built up before someone plays a dirty word.

No Actual Foul Language is used in the game.

Each player is dealt 5 cards. Each turn a player draws a card and must place a card in their swear jar. Cards must match either the color or the value of the top card of their current swear jar. If a Swear Card is played the banks are removed and added into the players scoring pile. Once all cards in the deck have been played the round is over and scores are added up. Cards are reshuffled and play continues until a player reaches
500 points.