2023 Summer Enrichment Program




Week 1 - Atlas Adventures (July 4th-July 7th) Short Week.

Pack your suitcase and take a trip around the world with us. Create your own maps, languages and more as you navigate the world on your expedition!

Week 2 - Robots and Rockets (July 10th-July 14th).

Look into the future with advanced technology, robots, rockets and different forms of travel. What crazy creations will you think up?

Week 3 - Myths and Magic (July 17th-July 21st).

Welcome Wizards to a land full of mythical creatures and magic. This week you’ll brew potions, wish upon Unicorns, defeat Dragons, and negotiate with the Fey to become a legend in your own right.

Week 4 - Playmasters 1 (Analogue) (July 24th-July 28th).

Join us for a blast from the past with a retro games week. Build and play board games, create your own arcade game and more!

Week 5 - Supervillain Showdown (July 31st-Aug 4th).

What does every good super villain need? An evil scheme, some genius gadgets, many minions, and an evil laugh, muhahahahaha!

Week 6 - Digging Dinos (Aug 8th-Aug 11th) Short Week.

Dig up the past, travel back in time, and go on a thrilling adventure through prehistoric eras.

Week 7 - Medieval Madness (Aug 14th-Aug 18th).

Invade your neighbours, protect your kingdom, find powerful relics. With honour and dignity, you will fight for your kingdom and become a true knight!

Week 8 - Survival Week: Sink or Swim (Aug 21st-Aug 25th).

Survive in space, on land, at sea. Use brainpower, deduction and strategy. This week we test out all things survival…will you sink or swim?

Week 9 - Playmasters 2 (Digital) (Aug 28th-Sept 1st).

Look into the fundamentals of future platforms of play with Virtual Reality, Roblox, Minecraft, Mario and more!



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