GeoAdventure #3: Emerging the Lakeshore

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Calling all adventurers! You've signed up for a brand new program called the B.O.N.E.S program, otherwise know as Becoming One Neighbourly Energetic Socialite! The program was designed after a plague ravaged the land, forcing people to stay in their bunkers. Despite the ability to leave their homes, people became complacent, opting to stay indoors instead of journeying to the outside world.

The B.O.N.E.S program helps participants hone their social skills, by urging them to navigate the new futuristic world that awaits them outside.

Journey together as a pair/couple or as a family/team to trek across Lakeshore between Twelfth and First Street, entering real Lakeshore businesses and completing unique challenges. Earn pieces to complete a puzzle of original artwork created by a local artist. The quest runs from September 10th 2021 to October 3rd 2021, and can be completed at your leisure.

Participants will be required to provide an email address to gain access to materials.

Participants are required to have at least 1 smart phone with internet connectivity via mobile data. Participants may be required to download apps recommended by Funny Bones.

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