Flea Market

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Players start with some money and 2d6. The goods tokens are numbered 3-18 and placed on the board. Each turn, the current player rolls 3d6 and that item goes up for auction. If it's another player's item, that player becomes the Auctioneer. Bidders (non-Auctioneers) all roll 2d6 secretly, and are allowed one reroll. Then reveal your dice: from high to low, players get the option to buy the item for the sum of their dice, paying the Auctioneer. If the token belonged to a player, that player also gets a bonus $3-7 (depending on how far in the game you are). If no one buys it, the current player gets it for free (if it's another player's item, they keep it)! The game ends as soon as someone gets $45 = winner!

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