Copy of About Us - Our Team at Funny Bones


John has an extensive background in varying roles within the film, television and live music/event entertainment industry. Alongside with his wife Laurie, they are the owners and founders of Funny Bones. John is passionate about games as well; one of his all time favourite games is Azul!  He will be more than happy to demo that game for you!
Laurie has spent most of her career in education; 14 of which at Humber College, Lakeshore Campus. She is the owner of Funny Bones alongside with her husband John and they live right in the neighbourhood. She is passionate about the importance of play and gamification!


Justin loves games of all forms, and appreciates all the new games he's been introduced to at Funny Bones. He leans towards abstract strategy games that are simple to learn but hard to master.
Malcome is an avid board and video game aficionado.  Who also has over a decade of RPG experience.  His favourite being Dungeons and Dragons!
Katja loves playing board games with friends and family during her spare time, especially those surrounding creativity and strategy.  From Clue to Dominion, she is always excited to play a game!
T.J. has always loved collaboration and creativity.  Whether it be arts, crafts or Dungeons and Dragons campaigns!
Hayley is all about playing games, whether they're video game or board-based!  They love to play games with great puzzles (Ace Attorney), fun strategy (Ticket To Ride), mystery (Clue), and collaboration (Unlock Mystery Adventures).
Simon is an enthusiastic game-player and loves to learn and teach new games.  He really likes light strategy, co-operative, and battle games.  Though he doesn't always admit it, he can get very competitive.
Thomas is an RPG fiend!  Having started playing D&D in 2014, he can't get enough and has dipped his toes in Monster of the Week, Goblin Quest, and other games in the powered by the Apocalypse System.  Find him in the shop or behind the bar and swap a story or two from your latest adventure!
Andrea loves any type of board games that are all about creativity.  Being an art director herself, any games that are all about fun, originality and bringing people together are her go-to like Cards Against Humanity and Werewolf.
Krystal is a competitive person - give her any kind of board game, video game or sport and she'll be happy to learn it's ins-and-outs!  She believes that one of the best ways to learn is by making it fun.  Krystal also plays Ultimate Frisbee competitively and has played for Team Canada and Portugal.
Denielle enjoys playing a variety of board and video games and is always ready to learn new ones.  Especially games that use creativity and engaging play to bring your family or friends together.  Anything Super Mario-related, Chameleon, Jenga and Chess are some of her favourite games.
Mehreen's love for video games started at a young age, her favourite being Mario Kart and favourite board game being Snakes and Ladders!  She soon discovered her passion for coding and has started looking into web development and video game development as a career!
Aaron is a connoisseur with games of all shapes and sizes, whether it be board games ranging from strategy, family and indy (but a giant soft spot for the horror), being a past professional Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering player, collector of vintage video games and has a soft spot for Dungeons & Dragons.