2022 Summer Enrichment Program


Week 1 - Superheroes (July 4th-July 8th). Create your own superhero name, costume and super gadgets to help you save the world!

Week 2 - Wands & Witchcraft (July 11th-July 15th). Accept your invite to the Funny Bones School of Magic where fantasy worlds like Harry Potter come to life with potions, spellbooks and more!

Week 3 - Going Global (July 18th-July 22rd). Pack your bags and join us as we tour the world, experience new cultures and create new traditions.

Week 4 - Playmasters 1 (Analogue) (July 25th-July 29th). Join us for a blast from the past with a retro games week. Build your own board game and play around with pixels.

Week 5 - Sportastic (Aug 2nd-Aug 5th) Short Week. Bring your inner athlete as we play a bunch of different sports, break camp records and compete in a Camp Olympics!

Week 6 - Castles and Catapults (Aug 8th-Aug 12th). Gear up for a medieval fantasy world of D&D. Build your own shields, helmets and more as you take on threats to the Funny Bones Kingdom.

Week 7 - Space Invaders (Aug 15th-Aug 19th). Decode secret alien messages and languages as you explore the planets and stars, but be careful, they may try to invade!

Week 8 - Mother Nature (Aug 22nd-Aug 26th). Explore a new habitat each day from the driest desert to wettest wetlands. Go wild with the wildlife and learn about some of the coolest creatures on the planet.

Week 9 - Playmasters 2 (digital) (Aug 29th-Sept 2nd). Look to the future platforms of play with coding, Mario, Minecraft and Virtual Reality!



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